Automatic gates provide an additional layer of security for properties. They act as a physical barrier that can deter unauthorised access and enhance the overall security of a premises.


Our gates come in various designs, materials, and finishes, allowing property owners to choose a gate that complements the overall aesthetics of their property and, ultimately, adding value to the premises.



Vehicle barriers are used to manage vehicle access to roads, car parks and other areas that operate controlled areas.


The most popular type of barrier is a rising boom, which are used for low security applications. For areas that have higher security requirements there is a range of heavier fortified bollards and barriers that are the perfect protection against vehicle-borne threat, such as ramming attacks.

Access Control

Access Control systems are designed to control and manage access to premises. Today, both domestic and commercial premises are protected by these systems, and are particularly effective when coupled with automation.


Our systems offer a wide range of security levels, from basic door entry systems with simple visitor screening, to sophisticated permission-based systems that incorporate intelligent recognition capabilities and biometrics. 


CCTV systems are widely used for surveillance and security, as well as more pro-active purposes, like productivity monitoring and health and safety. We offer a range of systems for all buildings, be it a starter home or an expansive industrial business operating over multiple locations.


Our systems incorporate the very latest technologies and provide intelligent protection with access from anywhere in the world. Maximum reliability is achieved through the integration of cutting edge AI algorithms. 

Intruder Systems


Intruder alarm systems offer a range of benefits to individuals and businesses by providing protection against break-ins and other security threats.


Whether wired or wireless, the reliability of modern intruder systems means that they are capable of providing total protection, to both internal and external areas.


Operation of these systems can now be carried out from anywhere in the world, and notifications generated through AI technology are instant and accurate.

Smart Technology

Smart Technology uses state of the art equipment to enhance modern living. Today’s lifestyles means the ability to schedule and remotely access your home’s technology makes life far easier.


From simple smart cameras to monitor pets or children, right up to full home automation, we can design and install a system that puts your home technology at your fingertips from anywhere in the world. Our technicians can integrate your security systems with entertainment, lighting and heating.

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